Krakow, December 2019, Rollei XF 35 Test

Rollei XF 35, Sonnar 40mm f2.3

Fomapan 200@160, Agfa/Ansco 17@8.5min

Scanned as color film in 48bit, Reflecta ProScan 10T, Vuescan

Zeiss Sonnar 40mm f2.3 is an incredibly capable lens on a cheap non-pro camera body. Unfortunately, it is a pain to use this camera due to its originally poor ergonomics, lack of original batteries which affects getting correct exposure and the fact it is pretty much warn over years with its controls being unjustified and displaced.

Combined with Agfa Ansco 17 self-brew developer, it might really produce quite beautiful results even in gloomy weather.

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